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 A sample essay on plastic pollution for children Intro - 2022 Guide


Plastic pollution is a concern for everybody in the world, not just for humans but for animals as well.


This article aims to cover the important aspects of plastic pollution that can be used in an essay. As an essay writer free, you must do research before starting your essay. This guide will discuss everything step by step.


Let’s start with the introduction


Plastic has had a detrimental effect on human health and life during the previous decade. Certain events have captured the world's attention and cast doubt on the widespread usage of plastic in everyday life. Due to its inability to decompose in nature, plastic is arguably the most damaging of seafarers and spa-goers waste. As a matter of course, the plastic that is thrown overboard now might still be present 100s of years later, clogging up fishing equipment, ship propellers, and coastlines for future generations to come.


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NOTE: The introduction is focused on the important points that you are going to discuss in the main body. This professional essay writer online recommends that you must have a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. The thesis statement will tell your readers what you are going to discuss in the main body of the essay.


Point 1


Plastic waste that is not properly disposed of might have catastrophic effects. To an undiscriminating eater such as the sea turtle, a plastic bag seems to be a delicious jellyfish, yet plastic is indigestible. It has the potential to choke, obstruct the intestines, or cause illness in animals who ingest it.


Point 2


In addition, a plastic bag might jam the cooling system of an outboard engine. A monofilament fishing line that is lost or abandoned can clog propellers, damaging oil sealing and lower sections of engines, or it can entangle fishes, seagulls, and marine animals.


Point 3


Each day, more plastic accumulates in our seas. Recreational sailors may not be the only ones who unlawfully dispose of plastic waste at sea, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Furthermore, plastics reach the maritime environment via sewage outfalls, merchant vessels, commercial fishing activities, and beachgoers.


Point 4


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most common type of plastic pollution that occurs nowadays. When blood or food is preserved in the aforementioned plastic bags, the solvable chemical progressively dissolves, resulting in death from cancers and other skin disorders. PVC has also been proven to be toxic to animals' reproductive and respiratory systems. When combined with water, it produces paralysis, as well as bone damage and skin irritation.


Point 5


Plastics are used because they are simple to manufacture, cheap, and robust. Unfortunately, these really beneficial characteristics contribute significantly to plastic pollution. Because plastic is inexpensive, it is readily discarded, and its permanence in the environment may cause significant harm. Urbanization has exacerbated plastic pollution in cities. This essay writer has written many articles related to plastic pollution.


Point 6


Plastic waste seen on beaches in metropolitan areas is typically from land-based use, such as plastic wrapping used to wrap items. On distant rural coastlines, debris from boats, e.g., fishing gear utilized for the fishing business, is common. Plastic may also have a significant impact on marine species in 2 ways: through entangling animals or by being consumed.


Point 7


Turtles are most vulnerable to plastic contamination, with all 7 of the world's turtle kinds already classified as threatened or endangered due to a variety of factors. A large number of marine turtles have also been discovered dead having plastic belongings clogged in their guts, a problem caused by entangled fishing nets. Turtles devour floating translucent plastic bags that they mistake for jellyfish.


Point 8


The quality of our air, water, and soil has a huge impact on our health. According to a recent study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 93% of the US population is exposed to bisphenol A, a chemical found in canned products and hard, clear plastic objects (including infant bottles).


Point 9


Endocrine is found everywhere in our surroundings and has a profound effect on our health. To make plastic items smoother and easier to handle, endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs) are added. EDCs are abundant in the surroundings and, when taken by people and wildlife, imitate the hormones. They have been related to reproductive issues in animals and are also known to impact fat cells in humans.


You can choose from the mentioned 9 points as your arguments for the essay. It is recommended to always take help from experts. I used to take help from my siblings to write my essay. This allowed me to understand the concepts more efficiently.


After writing your arguments it is time you write a conclusion. The conclusion should summarize all your main points and conclude your stance. It is also recommended that you should summarize your thesis statement as well. This will let your readers know that you stuck with your thesis statement throughout the essay.


I hope this article will help you in writing an essay regarding the pollution of plastic bags just like this paper writing service. You are not supposed to use all of the 9 points in your essay. Just use those points which you feel are required to prove your stance. Moreover, carry out your research and incorporate references. This will let your readers know that your essay contains credible content and they will trust your content.


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